One unique aspect of my practice is that I use the
telephone and e-mail as important tools to stay connected
between sessions.  I like to be accessible to my clients
when THEY feel the need for contact, not just during
regularly scheduled appointment times.  At times of greater
stress, an issue might arise when some reassurance or
extra time is needed.   The client then can call or e-mail to
request some contact that day.  I do everything that I can to
accommodate that need.  This also allows continued
contact when either the client or I am out-of-town.  

For phone time, I charge a pro-rated fee based on whatever
time is used.  That way the person pays only for what they
need, and the boundaries remain clear.  
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For those of you reading this who may never have
experienced the energy of Half Moon Bay, let me just say
that it is magical.  I chose to live and practice in Half Moon
Bay, because of how I feel every morning when I wake up
here. The sounds of the ocean, the smell of eucalyptus,
extraordinary sunrises over the mountains to the east, and
breathtaking sunsets over the ocean to the west, are a
small part of the natural beauty and tranquility that make
Half Moon Bay the perfect back drop for true
transformation to occur.  I feel incredibly blessed to be able
to see the ocean all day long.

Getting here is simple, either via Route 92 West, if you are
coming from the east, or via Highway 1 if you are coming
from the north or south.