Jonathan, Actor, Manhattan, NY
Stumbling into Philippa Barr’s office was the first step of what would become my transition into adulthood. I was a
26 year old depressive daily drinker, and the light at the end of the tunnel was so dim I couldn’t see which way was
forward, backwards or sideways. Fear motivated every move, and I was slowly losing hope. I had seen many
different psychiatrists for many years, but aside from offering me medications and recommendations for alcohol
rehabs, they seemed to be at their wits end.        
Seeing Philippa for the first time was like finally exhaling after unknowingly holding my breath. She encouraged me
to slow everything down and begin being kind to myself.  We started slowly dissecting my weeks and identifying
where in the previous week I had made choices (and I was making choices I wasn't even aware of.) We discussed
why I might have made the choices I was making, then, slowly and hypothetically began exploring different
choices. “What would happen if you put up this boundary with this person,” or “How would it have felt to have said
‘no’ to that project?” were phrases that eased me into change. Philippa was quick to note progress at any level, yet
not shy about identifying sabotaging behavior.

My life began to slowly change, and I eventually had the courage to enter a rehab…but it was a rehab that I
researched, it was a rehab that I spoke with, and it was a rehab that I made the arrangements for. It was my choice,
it was not forced upon me; which in recovery is the difference between success and failure…life and death. As I
write this, I have just over three years of sobriety.  Self reflection, choices, responsibility for choices and most
importantly, listening to my own instincts, are tools that Philippa offered me (or not offered, but illuminated) and
those tools continue to ground me.
One last note: Philippa Barr loves her job.  I have never once had a conversation with her about whether or not this
statement is true, but I say this with complete confidence.
Philippa Barr loves her job.
Aziza Belcher, Corporate Executive, Manhattan
After interviewing several therapists, I started working with Philippa in 2004. I knew immediately that she was the
person I wanted to work with. Though only in my twenties, I had a lifetime of baggage from abuse and its effects.
While I’m not a habitual therapy patient (and thus can’t compare her to numerous other therapists), I don’t think I’d
have to be to say that Philippa is phenomenal at what she does. She is insightful, perceptive, extremely easy to talk
to, compassionate and patient.
I also think it important to mention her integrity. As a patient, I was never privy to any confidential information about
any other patients during our sessions and no information was ever left out in the open. This secure practice and
standard of confidentiality was always very reassuring to me. Furthermore, the flexibility she voluntarily builds into her
practice is a god-send to someone with a challenging schedule, commuter demands, etc.  
Her policy to allow scheduled or impromptu phone call sessions is unique and also indescribably useful. Several
times during personal crises, I phoned and she made herself available to talk and work through the issue(s) rather
than having me wait until my next session. You cannot fathom how useful that option is until the moment arises
when you need it.
When I started seeing Philippa I was involved in a fairly serious relationship and as it progressed and we
encountered challenges, he and I then had several couple sessions with her. These sessions were exactly what we
needed and played a pivotal role in our relationship continuing to progress in a healthy way.
Philippa maintains a comfortable, safe environment (literally and figuratively). The physical space is always
comfortable and serene. She has two therapy pooches (who are very well-behaved by the way) that when not
sleeping, lend their sympathy and comfort in their own ways. Her space/presence is soothing yet heartening. It wasn’
t long after I started seeing Philippa that I looked forward to my sessions as a reprieve from the day to day issues
that came up and the issues I’d been dealing with prior to working with her.         
Philippa helped me deal with some truly burdensome and complex challenges. The decision to have Philippa as my
therapist was a good one and my emotional well-being today and continued growth is proof of that. I whole-heartedly
recommend Philippa without a moment’s hesitation
Cassie J, Photographer, New York City
I started seeing Philippa Barr many years ago when I was having communication and intimacy problems with my partner.  I
was reluctant to do the work but with Philippa's guidance and tenderness towards my pain, I started to listen.
I realized that I was so busy taking care of everybody else, that I had forgotten about myself. Philippa helped me see that I
was in denial about how my anger was stopping me from living my life.
I saw Philippa for about 6 months, both individually and with my partner, and made huge leaps in my life. She showed me
that I was transferring a lot of my childhood pain to my girl friend, and making her wrong. When I stopped seeing Philippa, I
started living my life, but stopped dancing the usual dance. My relationship changed, as I was no longer willing to play the
same games anymore. It was becoming toxic and I did not know who I was anymore.
I started to see Philippa again 6 months ago.  The grieving and the healing that I went through was hard but also very
healthy.  My life today is clear.  I now know who I am. My business doubled in sales, I went to Africa, which had been a dream
of mine for 3 years, I was no longer living half my life, I was also not afraid and I was taking care of my little girl.
None of this would have been possible without Philippa's commitment to me, my journey and to helping me see my Truth.
She is a rare person, who with her 2 dogs and almost laid back approach, helped me open a door and go through it.  I
completely trusted her and knew she was there to help.  She is the best listener and therapist I have had, and even though
she is now in California and I am in NY, I will always check in with Philippa.
I will always be grateful to Philippa for showing me how to live my life, trusting in myself and having fun along the way. Most
important of all I will always be thankful to Philippa for Africa. I got to put into action what rescue was all about.  It filled my
heart with love.
Mark, Business Manager Manhattan, NY   
It is hard to put into words how Philippa changed my life.  The two most important lessons I learned with Philippa were to look
for the truth and the love in everything. This recommendation comes from my understanding of both truth and love, and is very
deeply felt.
Philippa took me from a mass of anxiety, fear and anger where I felt my world was out of my control, to a place where I could
find serenity. We worked for two years and slowly looked at where I had come from and where I was now.  She asked me to
slow down and to ask myself if I had faith in something larger then my own world.
Over time I started to question my feelings and thoughts and to look for the truth in my reactions and opinions. Once I was
able to get to what was authentic in any of my experiences, I could see how I was comfortable with the ways I distorted the
true facts of my life. My work with Philippa led me to awareness that I use everyday.
Philippa opened my eyes and led me to living in the moment, to being aware of the truth in what I am feeling and thinking.
This makes me very
serene - what is real and what is imagined - what I can and cannot do - this has brought me a peace I did not know before I
worked with Philippa.  I feel very fortunate to have met Philippa when I did and am grateful for the work we did together.  It
changed my life for the better.
Copyright Philippa Barr 2016  All Rights
Monica,  Psychotherapist and Minister, Hoboken, New Jersey
Philippa Barr is a gifted therapist who helped me find myself, while navigating through the frustration of the
love-hate energy of my relationship.  My therapy experience working with Ms. Barr gave me valuable tools that I
continue to use to grow today in intimate friendship and love with my partner.
Philippa created a safe space for me to share difficult personal history that she then helped me use to understand how
to create a more healthy, loving and nurturing relationship.  I was able to heal from old wounds, and
grow with a
new consciousness of how I can give and receive love.
I have had the best of “Luck” bumping into Philippa. I am 42 yrs old and have been needing help my whole life. I believe in my
heart that our paths crossed for this reason.

I am a child of a single alcoholic mother. My parents divorced when I was one. Philippa helped me get in touch that certain of my
adult behaviors stem from my unmet childhood needs.

Philippa brought emotions to the surface and helped me feel safe enough to cry and accept them.  I now realize that I’m a beautiful
human being. Although I can  still sometimes be emotionally immature, I now accept who I am, can look at all aspects of myself, and
give myself a break.

SLOW DOWN AND BREATH. Sometimes it’s all that I have to do, but I firmly believe that NO ONE else could have helped me see this.
I believe that Philippa has been called to help people get back on the right track of positive living and loving who they are.

If it seems like no one in the world will do,  Philippa will always have an ear for you.   She is  a person with unconditional love , and
so much patience that you will be able to calm your enemies. Patient, smart, well trained, professional, dedicated, are what come
to mind when I think of Philippa. Thank you Philippa ! You are truly the “BEST”.
Judi,  Retired,  Half Moon Bay, CA
I began seeing Philippa after having lost my sister to cancer. I had
reached a state of depression and anxiety that left me no choice.
From day one I felt relief, regaining calm and control with each visit. After several weeks
Philippa suggested I might benefit from group therapy.  A part of me was hesitant. After all I’d
just learned to share very personal feelings with one new person. I wasn’t really sure I could do
that with several total strangers!
Another part of me, however, trusted Philippa so I believed that if she recommended it, that it
would be good for me. Feeling that I had passed the crisis point, I decided to give group a try.
Everything about it felt good. Philippa’s ability to create a safe environment, helps everyone
trust the others even before getting to know them. She is very clear from the beginning that
*what’s discussed in group stays in group*!
One of the biggest benefits of group therapy is that there are several other people giving input
so discoveries can be made that may not have been realized in a one-on-one situation. Another
benefit was learning that there are others with similar issues who are also looking for ways to
lead happier, more fulfilling lives. During my time in group I felt “my baggage” drop away, “my
guilt” evaporating, and my outlook becoming more positive.
Now, several months out of therapy I am continuing to grow and open. I’m ever grateful to
Philippa for getting me through a very difficult time and then introducing me to a path of
growth I didn’t even know I needed. I know that should I ever need a “tune-up” Philippa will be
the first person I call