I have been living in Half Moon Bay since the fall of 2006, and
absolutely love it here.  I was trained in New York City, where I
obtained a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Fordham
University and a Masters in Social Work from Hunter College.  I
also have special training in Imago Relationship Therapy, and
drug and alcohol addiction.

Before going into private practice 16 years ago, I worked
primarily with adults and couples, dealing with addiction of all
kinds, domestic violence, grief and loss, HIV, self-esteem, and
many different relationship issues.  I led groups for women who
were coming out of the closet late in their lives, HIV- men's
groups, domestic violence groups, recovery from drug and
alcohol groups, and women's support groups.

What I feel most proud of is how much of my own healing work I
have been fortunate enough to do. Throughout this process, I
have learned many different ways of connecting with people and
helping them grow through their fears and pain. I believe that I
can only take my clients places where I have been, so throughout
my career, when issues have come up for me, I have looked at
my own issues, healing personally on deeper and deeper levels,
so that I can help my clients go deeper on their own journeys.

I see myself as a mirror and a guide.  I believe that each person
has their own answers within, and that it is my job to help them
clear away whatever is keeping them from knowing what they
intuitively know.  Healing is a natural process that happens when
the obstructions are removed.  Everything is moving in the
direction of growth and health naturally.  Sometimes, however,
something happens to inhibit or even stop one's development.

People can be stuck for a long time at an earlier emotional stage
of development, even though their physical body keeps growing.  
It can be very painful when the world sees you one way, but
inside you feel very different.  I see it as my job to help my clients
come into better emotional and spiritual alignment, so that they
are living from their most authentic selves on both the outside
and the inside.
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